Import Management 24 hours a day, with ease

With the global economy in constant evolution, imports and cross border shipments have been subject to trade cycles, increased regulations, and a constant flurry of changes to satisfy just-in-time market demands and product fluctuations. Omega CHB is constantly in tune with the changes that govern the physical entry of goods into the United States. With one phone call or e-mail, we can provide our clients with the tools necessary to facilitate the flow of information between the importer and the appropriate Customs agencies.

Omega’s import management solutions include:

  • Visibility throughout the import process.
    • Contact us before closing the deal and we’ll be able to guide you from origin to destination
  • Access to local import information to assist the importer in the preparation and submission of the correct data.
    • Accurate data transmission is key to expedited clearance, a favorable track record with US Customs, and diminished potentially negative audits over time.
  • Assistance in the proper classification of your goods.
    • Erroneously classified goods can lead to penalties in the future. Where necessary, Omega CHB will involve US Customs Trade specialists to apply the correct tariff code prior to arrival into the United States
  • Entry processing, and validation
  • Communication with CBP and other government agencies