Freight Forwarding handling all of your needs

Omega CHB understands that brokerage is not exclusive to the movement of goods to and from the United States. With over a 20 years in the brokerage industry, Omega CHB has assembled a selective portfolio of freight forwarding agents to compliment services offered in both import and export. By leveraging established partnerships, Omega CHB is your single source provider with access to air, ocean, rail and ground transport options.

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With TSA clearance, and an impeccable inspection record, our office can handle all of your import and export needs.

Air Freight

Exclusive collaborations with trusted international carriers, agents and providers, Omega CHB can offer you competitive pricing for all of your “just-in-time” needs. Since our expertise is in time-sensitive, highly risky cargo, we have established agreements with the most recognized names in each industry. Rather than trust your goods to the same carrier every time, our preferred relationships allow you to choose among the best provider for your destination without losing the peace of mind provided by your broker. We understand that cookie cutter solutions are not always the best option. We know you as a client, we take the time to understand your needs and we know how to manage your goods.

Ocean Freight

Omega CHB’s Ocean Freight connections offer our clients the flexibility of balancing cost and transit time to better manage their shipping budget. We handle shipments based on our client’s requirements regardless of the terms of sale, point of origin or port of entry. As soon as a purchase order is issued, we can guide our clients in selecting the best options in line with your deadlines.

Cargo Insurance

There has always bee a risk associated with moving cargo worldwide; however, that risk has increased dramatically in recent years. Omega CHB can assist our clients secure coverage based on the cargo being shipped, the route selected and the type of commodity in transit. Not all cargo insurance is the same and not all forms of transit will allow for just any type of insurance. Omega will guide you in understanding coverage and in identifying the best provider should the needs extend beyond our scope.